The rules - Please read before posting

Please read before posting.
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The rules - Please read before posting

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Rules updated 10/3/2019.

Please read these rules before you register for an account or post any topics to help keep you out of trouble.

1. Please post only in the relevant forum. This will help keep the forums organized.
2. Please read the rules in each specific forum before posting. The rules in each forum are in addition to these rules.
3. Please be polite to other users. Flaming and abuse will not be tolerated.
4. Please do not spam the forums. Spamming may be subject to an immediate ban, your username may be silently deleted, and/or your information may be reported to the authorities. This rule applies to web addresses in your signature.
5. Please don't post offensive language, pornography, hate speech, or other unwanted content. If posting screenshots of programs that may have objectionable content, please try to post images that are as neutral as possible.
6. Please do not post any content, or links to content, that violate copyright, trademark, or other laws. Abuse of this rule may be reported to the necessary authorities. Screenshots and videos are generally accepted when on-topic, as they are generally considered fair use. However, things like illegal copies of games or applications are not.
7. Any threats against any user or administrator will result in an immediate ban and will be reported to the authorities.
8. New members will be placed into a group called "Newly registered users." Such users will have limited privileges and all posts will require pre-moderation. Your account will be upgraded to full status after 3 posts or it is determined you are a legitimate user.
9. Usernames and user avatars (which are currently not enabled, to avoid legal issues) are also subject to the rules above, and may be changed or removed as the situation warrants. To be clear, usernames may not be of copyrighted or trademarked characters, and may not promote any unlawful content or activities.
10. Registration is not necessary to view the forums. Users who register but never post may be subject to having their accounts deleted and the username freed for new registrations. If this happens, you may re-register if you decide to start posting.
11. If you embed any images or videos, please ensure they are hosted from a https:// address, to ensure the green padlock always shows in the browser. Embeds from unsecured hosts may be edited, copied to a secure host, hosted on this website's server, or removed. Embedded content using the http:// protocol will fail to display in some web browsers in the near future.
12. Please avoid posting any external links or embedding any content from websites that are blacklisted by any external service, such as,, or any legitimate anti-virus product, or that are otherwise malicious.
13. For privacy and security reasons, the use of URL shorteners is not allowed. Use of monetized shorteners (i.e. those that force the user to view advertising before the linked site loads) may result in a ban from these forums.
14. In compliance with the United States Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) you must be at least 13 years of age to register for an account. Accounts found to be belonging to individuals under the age of 13 will be deleted.

Please PM me if you have any suggestions regarding the rules.
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