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Windows 10 Support

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DXGL is fully compatible with all known versions of Windows 10.
However, particularly on NVIDIA systems, the CTRL+Alt+Del may not work if your game freezes. This is a bug of Windows 10, not specifically DXGL. DXGL 0.5.8 and later attempts to fix this issue by adding the option to select a "borderless windowed" form of fullscreen mode, however in some cases exclusive mode may still be triggered.
Whenever posting a bug report on a Windows 10 system, please indicate the build and Windows version you are currently running You can get that information by clicking start and typing winver.
If you receive a new build of Windows 10 and DXGL stops working (especially if you get an error dialog saying OpenGL 2.0 is required) please try updating or reinstalling your graphics drivers from the manufacturer's website before filing a bug report.
The only versions of Windows 10 supported are release versions (build 10240 or newer), and preview versions released on or after the latest release branch.
The versions of Windows 10 released to the general public as of today are as follows:
10.0.10240 (Original Windows 10 release, branch TH1) (EOL)
10.0.10586 (Windows 10 version 1511, also known as November Update, branch TH2) (EOL)
10.0.14393 (Windows 10 version 1607, also known as Anniversary Update, branch RS1) (EOL)
10.0.15063 (Windows 10 version 1703, also known as Creators Update, branch RS2) (EOL)
10.0.16299 (Windows 10 version 1709, also known as Fall Creators Update, branch RS3)
10.0.17134 (Windows 10 version 1803, also known as April 2018 Update, branch RS4)
10.0.17763 (Windows 10 version 1809, also known as October 2018 Update, branch RS5)

For information regarding the latest builds of Windows Insider Preview, please refer to Flight Hub at ... light-hub/.
If you are using Insider Preview please ensure you are currently on the latest available build in either the Slow or Fast ring. Compatibility with Skip Ahead builds is not guaranteed as these builds are often more unstable and I may or may not be able to gain access next time Skip Ahead is made available.

Please note that leaked or "confidential" builds of Windows are not supported under any circumstances, as they may have defects not known to the public, and are not supported by Microsoft in any way or shape, even through the Windows Insider Program. If a bug appears due to using a leaked build, please install a public build and attempt to reproduce the issue.

Due to limitations deliberately imposed by Microsoft, DXGL is completely incompatible with Windows 10 in S Mode. If you have a Windows 10 S device you will need to perform the free upgrade to Windows 10 Pro.

Microsoft has recently concluded their preview of "Sets" which it appears will not be launched with Windows 10 v1809. DXGL appears to work with the "Sets" feature, however, when remembering window size of forced window modes, I have noticed the sizing is off. I will not attempt to fix this issue for version 0.5.14 as I have no idea of how "Sets" will behave once it is re-introduced, likely when the "Skip ahead" ring of Windows 10 becomes available again.
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