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DXGL is great!

Posted: January 2nd, 2013, 6:56 pm
by nano351
I just thought I'd post to say I love DXGL and the work William Freely is doing. I had never even heard of this project before a couple days ago I started searching for a wrapper to implement DirectDraw in opengl and this project is great!

I've tested this with a few applications and it's ability to work is suprisingly good. Sure, only a couple games i've tried so far have actually worked with only minor bugs (starcraft and diablo), but this project shows so much promise. It's a shame I don't know much about graphics programming or else I would offer to help with the project. I hope this does get plenty of attention so it doesn't die off before it becomes fully featured.

One issue I have noticed however is I don't really know how to tell if the wrapper is working or not for certain programs. For instance when I use it on starcraft and diablo I can tell it's working because those games are DirectDraw games and when I launch them through steam normally I can't access the steam overlay (it has no directdraw support). However when using this it's able to hook and be accessed in these games!

I'm wondering if some explanation could be given as to how I can tell if it's being used by a program. I was trying to configure it for my steam copy of civilization III and I as far as I can tell it's not working