DXGL the solution for NVidia users?

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DXGL the solution for NVidia users?

Post by MarkoH01 »

I have an NVidia GTX650 ti and since the first driver release for this card many D3D games won't work without extreme glitches (you cannot see a thing or everything is flashing). Games with this problem are Overboard, Tex Murphy Overseer, Dark Forces II, The Longest Journey ect. I can run all those titles in software mode but turning on hardware acceleration everything gets scrambled and/or flashes. Is DXGL the application I have waited for? I've tried the above games with the actual release and since I managed to get the picture a bit better when I run Dark Forces II (Jedi Knight) it still is far from usable. It would be great if this application was meant to help for the problems I described since I don't thin NVidia will fix those problems because the games are very old.
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Re: DXGL the solution for NVidia users?

Post by William »

You will probably have to wait some time. D3D support is very limited right now, and will be for quite a while.
By the way, I am currently developing on a GTX660 Ti (same generation as your card) so if I get it to work for me it will probably work for you.
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