Cool! Looking for contributors?

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Cool! Looking for contributors?

Post by tjcbs »


Just discovered this project, it seems to be up my alley. I love classic games, and one of my interests is in writing post-processing shaders and getting them to work in the various emulators. It would be great to see these kind of enhancements on old windows games too.

It looks like this project is moving pretty slowly (I know how that goes). Are you interested in contributors, to help move things along? I've got a lot of c++ experience in and outside the games industry, so I should be capable technically. Just like you, I'm busy with other things, but this would be nice to work on from time to time.

Per my interest, the first thing I'd want to work on is getting post processing shaders in there :)

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Re: Cool! Looking for contributors?

Post by William »

Personally, I was hoping to bring the development a little further before accepting new patches. Right now, I am working on patching things up, and have been working on a rewrite of some of the internals.

By the way, I am currently working on phasing out C++ in favor of regular C, in order to make the resulting executables more compact.
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