RAYSTORM no good?

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RAYSTORM no good?

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Hi, probably not really a bug report but if you want to tackle something prickly:

Just tried RAYSTORM (DirectDraw) and it wouldn't run with DXGL. Wouldn't run with D3DWindower, DXWind, or DDraw to DDraw wrapper either. Guess the RAYSTORM wants to keep DirectDraw all to itself and not share with anything else.

Damn shame, that game is screaming out for 1280x960.

If you want to know; when RAYSTORM is run with DXGL an error? box pops up with something like 'primary display driver DXGL hardware accelerator...' YES/NO if you click YES it exits out to desktop. If you click NO it changes to ''primary display driver DXGL hardware accelerator with Transform and Lighting...' YES/NO. If you click YES it exits out to desktop. If you click NO it just cycles back to the previous boxed message and so on...

Can anything be done or is it dead in the water?
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