DXGL saved me from destruction!!!

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DXGL saved me from destruction!!!

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I just found out about this, and thought I might try it out.
I am an RPG Maker 2000 user since around year 2001, and that program works great today still. But it was officially released on Steam, and it had really nice upgrades, however, they changed the way the games are displayed, and this worked terribly on new computers, something even the original version I got in 2001 doesn't do: Terrible fullscreen performance.

DXGL has fixed this for me, and now I feel a sudden relief that I can play or create some games again!!

I did run into some problems, although the problems are minor, but I wondered if I should report this in some way, or if I should just expect the project to get updated and have it luckily fixed without me reporting it? The problems are:

1. RPG Maker games use F4 to go from Fullscreen to Window mode. When I do this with DXGL present, the screen remains black in what should be Window mode, but when I move my mouse around, I can see the arrow cursor recognizes objects like on open websites I might have, but everything is black. (Funny enough, if I use Teamviewer and happened to run a game, the opposite happens, the game wont show in fullscreen, but can see the Desktop in Window mode).

2. Depending on the video mode, sometimes the Alt+tab doesn't work properly either and I am forced to close the game to be able to see other windows, I think.

I am not sure if these things would be within the scope of DXGL... anyway, THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR THIS PROGRAM!!!!!!!!!
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