Explanation for recent IP address changes

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Explanation for recent IP address changes

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Some keen-eyed visitors may have noticed in the past few months the IP address for dxgl.org, dxgl.info, and related servers has changed.

Everyone should certainly be aware that this year the world has been hit with a major, potentially catastrophic pandemic, COVID-19. In March-April the state where my site is hosted, New Jersey, was hit considerably hard by COVID-19 and thus as a precaution I looked at the progression of the outbreaks in the states where my hosting provider Linode offers servers. Since Texas looked good I migrated there.

In June, the situation changed considerably. Now that Texas is experiencing exponential growth of the pandemic while New Jersey has stabilized I have made the decision that to ensure continued reliability it is safest to move back to New Jersey.

During both migrations there was a brief period of downtime where the VM was shut down and copied from one datacenter to another. As quickly as practical I had copied the server's virtual disk, updated DNS records, and restarted the VM in the new location to resume services. At no time was any data on the servers compromised, and as a further precaution I had wiped the data on the old VM prior to deleting it from my hosting account.